Quootle's Partner Program enables affiliates to offer "Pay per Prospect" service with a certain cost to their customers.

There are Several ways to become Quootle's Partner! Here are some:

For Marketing Agencies

Know "Cost for Prospect" in advance and allow your business to buy Porspects with a fixed cost and without investing money before.

You can resell these Prospects to your clients.

Don't waste time searching Leads, Prospects are waiting for you!

For Exhibition Organizations

We thought an affiliate program for the Exhibit Organizations of great interest for your customers.

You will have the opportunity to offer a new experience to visitors and exhibitors.

For Industrial Associations

We at we strongly believe in relationships and in the connection between companies.

At the same time we think it should be a useful and easy to use tool to facilitate these connections.

We at think we've created, and we want to make it available to industry associations.

For ERP Software House

It's possible to integrate Quootle with any ERP.

Discover the benefits for your business and for your customers.

For Industrial Associations

You're thinking of another way to collaborate with us?

Don't be afraid to contact us, we have an open mind.

Time for yourself is your true richness

Quootle was created with the intention to save the time spent on web to search and compare offers in a simple and fast way.