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Send free RFQ for products, components, semi-finished, raw material to rated supplier

1. Create RFQ

Type the product name you are looking for form over 65.000 items and build your Request For Quote in minutes

2. Receive Quotations

Get multiple quotations only from potential suppliers that exactly matching with features you've entered

3. Compare & Save!

Read supplier's feedback, get in touch with your new potential suppliers, compare quotations, save time and money !

Save Time

We'll send your requests only to suppliers in line with your specifications.

Save Money

Compares the best offers that you'll receive directly on your email. You can also contact directly the seller for more information.

Choose Safe

Before choosing the most suitable supplier, you can read his feedback. You are not obliged to buy anything.

Supplier Geolocation

You can select the area of origin of the supplier, in a specific local area, or from one or more Country/Nation.

Technical Data

Thanks our product configurator, you have the chance to write, without having to repeat to all, all technical data that you're looking for.

Your Target, Our Goal

If you want, you can put your target price, MOQ and forecast, and receiving offers more targeted.

Fast comparison offers activities

1 Request, more quotes. The most faster and efficient system in order to compare two or more offers about product or service.

Saving an Benchmark activities

You can use for your saving and benchmark activities for your products, service, components or semifinished products.

Supplier Certification

You can choose to receive offers only from potential suppliers who have a specific quality certification.

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Time for yourself is your true richness

Quootle was created with the intention to save the time spent on web to search and compare offers in a simple and fast way.